Tuesday, April 7, 2009

[Fantasy] Conquerers of Stoneheart Keep - main theme

The next musical track in the pipe is a proposal for a main theme of an arbitrary fantasy themed game, probably an adventure, an RPG or a strategy? I can't exactly tell, but it's up to you, people to decide. If you know a project or are a member of a project that could use it, don't hesitate to comment here so we can discuss it.

The music consists of 3 quite easily distinguishable but short parts: a quick starting with greater impulse to push things onward to a medium paced second part that's more for painting a picture of a troublesome situation, where the listener is facing the foreboding (but not overpowering) feeling of the now; and then comes the third part, medium slowly building up the possibility of the solution with a quite happy ending. I've titled if 'Conquerers of Stoneheart Keep', as I found it fitting for setting up the theme of such an adventure where the brave ones enter and liberate such a dangerous place. :)

A lot of sections of the symphonic orchestra is used, ranging from strings, percussion, brass to woodwinds and choir. The choir was the last layer that I've added. Probably the final product is a bit less easy to follow, not too 'transparent' at parts, as one seasoned musician told me, but I hope it's still enjoyable.

So if you think you can find use of it, or want to give some criticism, don't hesitate to comment here! :)

Here you go, have a listen: Link.

Donations needed for liberation to CC-BY-SA: $80
Donated till now: $0 (no donation button yet, as till now there's no interested project)

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