Friday, March 27, 2009

[Fantasy] Sand Swept Sight

The next piece I'd like to share with you is a middle easternish piece, kind of backgroundish, probably fitting for a desert setting, a village or walking in the sand. One friend told me it would fit well with the Prince of Persia settings probably.

Contains lots of strings and woodwinds, bassdrum and bells with a few musical ideas, some of them repeating. After tailoring together the ideas I've been putting some energy to give it a good flowing and dynamism. These factors and experimenting with progressions of harmonies are my primary focus at these times as well as learning to use the different articulations. In this piece, especially the strings got some care regarding articulations. It took me around 9 hours in total.

Okay, so here it goes: Link.

If you would like to use it or give some (highly appreciated) critique, drop a comment! :)

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