Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Here I go again!

So here I go starting a new experiment - an experiment to widen my scope from a developer to a composer/developer; to turn my creative energies related to music into productivity; to create something musically useful for open source projects that might be in need of it. The primary target (and for the first time the only target) is the genre of classical music - this is what at the moment mostly interests me and this is what I have means of composition for.

I've already started to tread on this path, tho' at first only related to my own project (jClassicRPG) when I created a bunch of tracks (background music and battle music) for it. But now I would like to learn to help and actually help out other free/libre open source projects as well.

The plan for lifecylce is the following:
  1. When eventually there's a request for some track and I think I'm up to that task, I will try to do my best to create it (in my hobbyist free time, so there's no deadline). If and when it's ready and the requester finds it suitable, I'll release the cue originally under a free permissive but non commercial license (CC-BY-SA-NC).
  2. Then a second phase is started till the donations related to the given cue reach a previously calculated amount when I will release them under a commercially permissive new license (CC-BY-SA).
This way the tracks can be incorporated into the projects freely when they are ready (with a free but non-commercial license), and still there's a way for the people who eventually enjoy the piece (within the game or without) to show some financial gratitude toward the author through donation. And when donations reach limit the project and all the people will get a higher level of freedom in using the given track - for example in the related area of software/media distribution where NonCommercial licenses are considered an obstacle, (like debian Linux distro etc., I guess you know it better than me ;)). The Donations will be kept track of here on the blog so people can check how things are going at a given moment. Donations are sent through paypal, with a Donation button specially added for the given track, each track having a separate button to let me follow which one received it.

Don't forget that this all is a form of showing gratitude, not paying for something! I consider releasing the tracks under CC-BY-SA-NC license a fully formulated gift for a project and the people who listen to it. If a response similar in nature (a gift in form of donations) reassures me that I have created something good I will go further in the licensing to show my gratitude towards the community of the free open-source world.

By now reading all this you probably got why I have named this blog Music Liberation Experiment and musicliberated. So this was my first post, to define things - probably a bit vaguely, since I will have to work out a way to track request/works done, donations and such. I will do so, and I will keep you updated with new things, new tracks and all the related things.

Feel free to comment about this all!

PS.: I can produce oggs or flac files and midis of the sequences as well - though I have no way to store a large quantity of files on the web at the moment, so that would be up to the project who needs it. Anyway I will upload the tracks to jamendo or another good site for free music sharing.

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